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Shri Nathji is invited to the wedding of Mrs. Pritam Singh’s daughter and taken there by Ajit Singh in their car. The ‘shamiaanaa’ is one of the largest ever seen by Priya Nath, and virtually thousands of Sikhs are gathered there. Shri Nathji’s Divine Light shines forth as he blesses the bride and the groom. As Shri Nathji begins speaking to the people around him, there is a flood of tears from the eyes of many. Shri Nathji is given a special chair to sit upon. “Main mubaarik detaa hoon ke vo“Let me congratulate you that the time has come when God is about to remove the Veil from His Face!”Shri Nathji looks magnificent in his navy blue achkan with thin white stripes and his yellow turban. There is a white handkerchief in the top left pocket of the achkan, which had been made especially for Shri Babaji’s birthday by Priya Nath an year ago. “Ab pardaa utaar diya hai! I have removed the veil now!”