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Shri Nathji’s eye is clearing up by itself and Priya Nath’s fears are set at rest. He puts more ghazals to music, amongst which is:“Idhar vo rooe zebaa hai udhar vo jalvaye JaanaanHence there is that Face Divine, and there the Light of the Beloved.”Priya Nath and Shri Nathji go out into the lawn of the house and take their daily rounds there. The lawn has been beautifully prepared by Gajanan, and Shri Nathji compliments him, saying:“Bas yehi cheez seekhni hai–ke kis tarah apne maalik ko khush kiya jaaye.“This is all that must be learnt– how to please one’s Master.”Shri Nathji also quotes the verse about a penitent devotee who says:“Masjid to banaa daali shab bhar men imaan ke haraarat vaalon ne,“A mosque was made in a single night by the defenders of the faith,There is also Pasricha who appears on the scene and says:“Only Thou can forgive us sinners and accept us, for our benefit.”