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There is Mrs. Pritam Singh along with her sons, Gopal and Gobind, and her aunt, and, as usual, Shri Nathji’s flow of spirituality bursts out as it always does before these spiritually thirsty souls, deluging them with a divine bliss for about two hours.
The Parable of the Musaafirkhaanaa Shri Nathji speaks about the holy man, Mahatma, who passed beneath the palace of a King and asked the King: And the Mahatma said:“Kaun kaithaa hai ye musaafirkhaana naheen hai jahaan itne aaye aur aakar chale gaye!”“Who says this is not a tavern where so many have come and gone?”This was a parable, which always brought tears into the eyes of the listeners even as Shri Nathji’s voice reached into the depths of their souls.

Mahatma Sita Ram Sharan Shri Nathji then tells the Pritam Singh family about Mahatma Sita Ram Sharan, who was a famous saint with thousands of followers at Chirakoot, near Allahabad. It was said that he performed miracles and even had powers to rejuvenate himself¬–kaayaa kalp–so that age would not come upon him.“Basse hue mele ko to dekh liyaa thhaa, ab ujarre hue mele ko bhee dekh aayen!“We had seen the festival when it had begun, we can see it now that it has ended.”A car was arranged and Shri Nathji went to the banks of the river. While there, the wheels of the car got stuck in the wet sand, and though the driver made every effort to move the car forward it would not move.“Mataji, aap mujhe Shri Nathji ke joote men bhee chaaye dengi to main pee loongaa!“Divine Mother, even if you give me the tea in Shri Nathji’s shoes I shall drink it!”The next day he came for Shri Nathji’s darshan at his residence. He had shaved off his hair and beard and taken off the robes of an ascetic, and had come in a bush-shirt and trousers, like any normal man of the world. When asked why he had discarded the robes of a monk he said: “Vo to viraih kaa libaas thhaa! Ab to milan ho chukaa hai!”“Those were the vestments of separation. But now I have found union!”Thereafter he became so devoted so Shri Nathji that he vowed to tell the whole world that God had come down in its midst in the form of Shri Nathji. But Shri Nathji restrained him and said the time would come of itself.
Mahatma Walking on Water Shri Nathji also told the Pritam Singh family the amusing parable of the Mahatma who spent twenty years of his life in learning how to walk across the waters of a river through his yogic powers.