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As the Kapahi family of Lahore keeps coming, Shri Nathji’s divine flow goes out towards them every day! On one occasion when Mohan is also present, Shri Nathji says to them:“Sun lo! Ye mithhyaa naheen hai. Mere bhee shabdon kaa mulya hai. Agar aap apnaa time mujhe de rahe hain to main bhee apnaa time aapko de rahaa hoon!“Listen to my words! These are not fiction. My words also carry some value! If you are giving your time to me then I am also giving my time to you!”Priya Nath had been disconcerted when he saw how readily available Shri Nathji was making himself to these devotees while they were tardy in their visits. “Main hazaaraon saal tak bol saktaa hoon!”“I can go on speaking for thousands of years!”Indeed the manner of Shri Nathji’s speaking revealed to the world that he was God with an infinite storehouse of knowledge. His were words that compelled attention and exuded divine bliss. They were a part of himself.