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Shri Nathji says in an angry tone to the devotees gathered before him, which includes M.L. Pasricha and the home group:“Uss“One must never be impertinent before that Divine Power! One must learn to fear God. We are afraid of our officers, we are afraid of the government. We must also learn to be afraid of the Divine Government!”“The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom!”Shri Nathji quoted Babaji Maharaj who used to say that the greatest punishment for those who have no respect for God is for God to forget them altogether:“O mooaa jerraa mano visaar!”“He who is forgotten is like one who is dead!”Shri Babaji used to say that the greatest punishment for such an erring devotee was his own action, which took him away from God!“THE SAPRU HOUSE VIDEO WILL GO TO THE WHOLE WORLD TO AWAKEN PEOPLE!”Shri Nathji warns Priya Nath to not to rely too excessively upon those who are devoted today but may turn their backs on him on another occasion:“Ye log totaa chashm kaihlaate hain!”“These people are known as Shri Nathji also cautions Priya Nath against relying too much on human help:“Bhagwan naraaz ho jaate hain agar insaan kaa sahaaraa len!”“God becomes angry if you depend too much upon man!”When it was brought to Shri Nathji’s notice that the Urhekars, amongst the home group, wished to leave, Shri Nathji again quoted Babaji:“Jaate hain to jaayen! Babaji kabhee naheen sochte thhe kal kyaa hogaa–aise aadmiyon ko fauran nikaal dete thhe!“If they wish to leave, they can go! Babaji never thought twice in such matters, and never bothered about the next day. He would send such persons away immediately.”Priya Nath was always worried that if the devotees left there would be no one to serve Shri Nathji in the house, especially when so many matters required urgent attention, not the least of which was the pending rent litigation. Shri G.G. Urhekar had been attending to all such matters with great skill and intelligence, and Priya Nath could not think of anyone who might be able to replace him.