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The day sees Shri Nathji on a shopping spree again as Shri Nathji goes out to Cooke and Kelvey at Janpath to get back the watch they have repaired. Shri Nathji also visits Bheemji Zaveri, next door, just to look at the jewellery and finery displayed in the shop. The gold chains are very expensive. The customers in the jeweller’s shop stare at Shri Nathji as he outshines the most brilliant of the jeweller’s diamonds. His radiance is more powerful than all the gold in the world. The entire exercise was merely to give his darshan to as many thirsty souls as possible. To cap off the trip there is Shri Nathji again at Kwality, eating his favourite delicacy of and “Chhole Bhatoore” which always appears to put new energy into him. It is an excuse to give his darshan to the ever newer and newer crowds that come to the Restaurant. People can scarcely eat their food so absorbed do they become in staring at Shri Nathji’s glittering personality in the Restaurant.