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As the legal battle continues with Shri Nathji’s adversaries in the Supreme Court, two of Shri Nathji’s devotees, Shri Chaman Lal Khosla and Shri G.K. Swami, disappear from the scene just when their presence was desperately necessary. “Jo log mujh se moonh morr kar bhaagte hain, vo mujhe“People who turn their backs on me reduce me to a Zero. And when they later pray to me for help in their sufferings, what help can they expect from someone whom they have reduced to a Zero?”Says Shri Nathji to Priya Nath:“God is testing us to see whether we are worried or not!”Priya Nath has a sad feeling in his heart when he sees Shri Nathji undergoing so much strain because of constant betrayals and expressions of disloyalty at a time when he is surrounded by the forces of evil. There were also the Urhekars at home who had been bordering upon betrayal but had been pacified by Shri Nathji. It appears that, upon seeing Shri Nathji surrounded by foes, these devotees appeared to have become emboldened enough to act in a manner that bordered upon irreverence. “Main to kissee ko sazaa naheen detaa, magar Karma kaa Law kaam kar jaataa hai! Uskaa action khud usko sazaa detaa hai!“I never punish anyone but the Law of Karma must do its work. The man’s action, itself, serves to punish him.”Priya Nath recollects the past also when great promises of loyalty were broken by devotees when the call of the material world had become too strong for them.