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There is the Book Fair organized by an organization known as Globe, which is affiliated with the United Nations. “AB BHEE TO KOYI AAYAA HOGAA!”Shri Bhagwan Das picks up the dust on which Shri Nathji has trodden and applies it to his forehead, and also collects it in a small envelope to preserve in his house.“Kitaabon men dharaa kyaa hai bahut parrh parrh ke dho daaleen“What, indeed, do books contain, many of which have been read and forgotten!On seeing Bhagwan Das lifting up the dust of Shri Nathji’s feet, Priya Nath recollects Shri Nathji’s verses:“Ye nakshe paa milaa hai ab, “I have found Thy footprint now, And also:“Vo har zakhme havaadas ko dil apne se judaa samjhe“The heart is free of every wound that may come to itShri Nathji used to narrate how R.R. Khanna, the former atheist, who had obtained great faith in Shri Nathji in 1930, used to lift up the dust of Shri Nathji’s footprints and smear it on his forehead and eyes. When asked what he was doing, he would say:“Ye matti vo surmaa hai, jisse jab main aankhon men lagaataa hoon mujhe Bhagwan ke darshan hote hain!“This dust is that antimony which, when applied to my eyes, reveals to me God!”