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The night satsang is powerful. Shri Nathji speaks about his birthday function on June 23, 1946 at Camel’s Back Road in Mussoorie in the house known as Shadi Bhavan. “Stay! The clouds haves come in obedience to the laws of Nature, which are in the hands of God. They are not afraid of doing their work. Why should we, therefore, be afraid of doing our work in obedience to His Will? If anyone leaves out of fear of the rain, he may get wet while on the way home. At least if he gets wet here, it will be while listening to the name of God.”And through the clouds rumbled and thunder rent the air, there was not a drop of rain. Shri Nathji’s words had proved to be correct: if the clouds were not afraid to rumble why should men be afraid to take the name of God in obedience to His Will?