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The weather is now bitterly cold. Shri Nathji is still not able to chew. He has not allowed a dentist to be called and is enduring the pain of the toothache. He remains in bed the whole day, writing ghazals for hours on end–and he keeps on assuring Priya Nath that his health is all right. “O Lord, let me love Pitaji and serve him with untiring devotion and energy! Let his tooth become all right. Let no harm come to his eye. O Lord, please keep him free of all trouble!”Priya Nath thinks of Shri Nathji always in two forms–one, His Almighty, Universal Self as the Lord of the Universe, and the other, his limited, delicate, beautiful, human form. He must pray to Shri Nathji as the Invivible Lord who must preserve His Bodily form upon earth – the form of Priya Nath’s dear “Pitiji”.