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There was an occasion in 1973, when a matrimonial proposal had come for Priya Nath, and the girl’s relatives had come to see Shri Nathji and Priya Nath at thir home, and had said that they were in a hurry to attend a dinner at a Minister’s house. They had come in a chauffeured car and assumed an air of great importance. “SHUKAR KARO AAPKO BHOLA NATH MILAA HAI, CHATUR NATH NAHEEN MILAA, VARNA BARRAA HISAAB KITAAB KARTAA!“Be thankful that you have met an innocent Nath, and not a clever one – who would have been very calculating!”Yet Shri Nathji had also said to those who sought to deceive him: “MUJHE MAKAR DETE HO? “Wouldst thou deceive me –