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There are Shakuntala Mehra, Mrs.Santosh Bahl, Kamla Rujumal and others who are present when Shri Nathji narrates his famous Persian verses:Yaarin biguzeen ke bevafaayi na kunadMake such a friend in life who will not betray thee,Paibastaa dar aagoshe kinaarat gar dardWho will come even before thou call out to himSuch a friend was indeed one and only one in the world–and that was Shri Nathji, God in human form.“Main tumhaare saathh thhaa “I was with you all the time.Yes, Shri Nathji was with him all the time even in the worst storms that his ship weathered. Shri Nathji was not only with him in the raging waters of the oceans, but also with him in the ocean of life and death the raging waters of the Bhav Saagar that all had to cross one day.