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Then there is Mrs. Khatri, the sister of Mrs. Vig at Delhi, and Dr. Shakuntala Talwar another sister of Mrs. Vig, who send numerous prayers and supplications to Shri Nathji to save the life of their brother Dr. Dharamvir Talwar–who is lying in an unconscious state from a very serious heart attack at a hospital at Jodhpur and is practically dead. “Blessings from Bhola Nathji Bhagwan for speedy recovery” Having taken this liberty to send the telegram, Priya Nath tells Shri Nathji about it and says:“You are always with us–we feel your presence all the time. Your blessings are going with us. Just now I felt as if THOU wert with me! “YE “THIS IS THE GREATEST OF MIRACLES! PRIYAJI HAD SENT A TELEGRAM FOR THE MAN’S SPEEDY RECOVERY.Priya Nath recollected how Shri Nathji had similarly saved the niece of Dharamvir Talwar, Rekha Dodeja, through a similar telegram.