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It is the one and only glimpse that the businessmen of India are going to have of God upon Earth. It was to give them his darshan that Shri Nathji had gone to the hall on that particular day when they were all gathered together. It was to bless these industrialists so that they could bring in an era of greater prosperity in the country that Shri Nathji had given them his darshan.“Nidaaye raihbare kaamil mere kaanon men yoon pahunchi,“The Voice of the Perfect Master reached my ears, thus,Shri Nathji had said to Shri Ghan Shyam Das Birla, the foremost industrialist of India, at the time when he had visited Shri Nathji at Musooorie in June 1949:“Main vaipaariyon ki bahut kadar kartaa hoon. Iss liye naheen ke vo paisaa kamaate hain, balke iss liye ke vo nafe-nuksaaan ko samajhte hain–to phir jeevan ke nafe-nuksaan ko bhhee kyon na samajhenge!“I greatly appreciate businessmen–not because they earn money, but because they know the meaning of profit and loss. And surely they will understand the profit and loss of this life as well.”Shri Nathji had also said to Birla at the time:“Birlaji, aap jo kuchh vyaapaar kar rahe hain iskaa sambandh aap ke shareer se hai yaa kiseeee aur cheez se?“Birla, whatever business you are doing is associated with your body, is it not? Or is it associated with something else?”Birla had replied: “Maharaj, And Shri Nathji had said: “Birlaji, iss shareer kaa ant hai?”“Birla is there an end to this body?Birla said: “Yes, there is an end to it.”And Shri Nathji said:“To vyaapaar kaa to usee vakt ant ho gayaa, kyonki usskaa sambandh shareer se hai!“The business must of itself end when the body with which it is associated ends.”Birla said with great respect: “Maharaj, iss baat ko to ham paihle bhee jaante thhe ke jeevan kaa ant hai, magar aaj dil par kyon asar ho rahaa hai!“Baat jo mooh se nikalti hai asar rakhti hai,The words that come from Thee, touch the heart,Shri Nathji had also said in Persian many times:“Har ke az dil khezad bar dil rezadThat which comes from the heart goes to the heart!”Shri Nathji said to Birla:“Birlaji, aapkaa chehraa har vakt aapke saath hotaa hai–magar nazar tab aataa hai jab koyi sheeshaa saamne rakh de!“Your face is always with you but you can only see it when someone places a mirror before you.”And Birla said: ““Maharaj do you mean that we should not engage in business?”Shri Nathji replied:“Aavashya Karen! Main chaahataa hoon Bharat kaa har aadmi Birla ban jaaye, har eent sone ki ban jaaye! Magar Ravana ki Lanka na bane!“You must go on doing your work. It is my wish that every person in India become a Birla, that every brick in the country turn into gold–but let it not become the Lanka of Ravana!”“Main chaahataa hoon aap apnaa vyaapaar Karen, magar usske saath saath vo doosraa vyaapaar bhee karen, ke jiske liye iss vishva men aaye hain!”“I want you to engage in your business, but side by side, also engage in that other work for which you have come into the world!”Shri Nathji continued:“You have a match-stick with yourself. Can you spend the night with it? No. Then how wise it would be if you could transfer the light of the match-stick to a candle, before the light came to an end!”Shri Nathji was referring to the candle of faith, the conversion of one’s little perishable self to a larger Self – It was this candle of faith which could help ward off the ills and sorrows of life and then take one to the coming of dawn. To gain everlasting life this limited life of man had to be given to Him, who would make it eternal. Man had but to come like a zero before that One, and He would make him Ten.