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There is Dr. Sudarshan Nagpaul, the Head of the Mathematics Department at St. Stephen’s College, Delhi University, who has been a staunch friend of Priya Nath ever since his days at Harvard University.“Baade muddat aaj phir aaye hamaare Nagpaul”“After a long time, my Nagpaul has come again!”Dr.Nagpaul was one of the fortunate persons in the world on whom Shri Nathji wrote a song of Love! Shri Nathji’s love for Dr.Nagpaul was in fact the love of the Universal Soul for the individual soul of man.“Bhagwan bhee apoorna hain jab tak ek jeev aatma bhee unse door hai.“God shall remain incomplete for as long as even one human soul is away from it!”Shri Nathji’s ways were mysterious and unfathomable. In March 1991 he had a second heart attack and was very seriously ill, and doctors had given little hope for a recovery. “Tell Nagpaulji, that I will become well when he comes!”And true to his word, Shri Nathji bounced back into good health when Dr.Nagpaul visited him. “No, it was His Divine Grace!”On one particular occasion, Shri Nathji was awake at 3 a.m. and dictated a letter to Dr.Nagpaul. The letter always remained as a very special one–the only letter that Shri Nathji had ever written to anyone in the early hours of the morning.