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Shri Nathji gently chides the devotee, Surya Bax Misra, as he says to him:“Galtiyaan karo magar unkaa ikraar kar lo, chhupaao mat!”“Make mistakes if you must, but do not hide them!”Here was the gentle, forgiving Master ready to forgive if only the sinner confessed before him that he had sinned.“Phir uske shaane kareemi ke hausale dekhiye“Watch then his Mercy and Grace go out,Shri Nathji also remained very concerned about the attitude of the home group–the Urhekars, and the devotees from Nangal Shri G.K. Swami and C.L. Khosla, who were all bordering on asserting their own wills before the Will of their Master. Piyaji, log barson tak dil men baat ko rakh lete hain, chaahe baahar se na kahen. Oont apne dil men keenaa saalon bhar rakhtaa hai!“People keep bitterness in their hearts for years even though they may not show it outwardly. The camel is known to keep revenge in his heart for years.” Shri Nathji would also recall how Mamamateshwari would often speak out her mind:“Mo men bhee ye aadad thhee ke vo kaih deti thhee logon ko. Aur log uske dushman ban jaate thhe.“Mo also had this habit of being angry with people. And as a consequence they would become her enemies.”