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As visitors keep coming, Shri Nathji remains as active as ever in meeting them. Once when people had to wait outside in the morning while he dressed, he said to Priya Nath and Sudha:“Hamen jaldi subah tayyaar ho jaanaa chahiye! Naa maalum kiss vakt koyi aa jaataa hai!“We must get ready early in the morning. Who knows when a visitor may come. We must be ready, office-like!”Here was Shri Nathji, giving freely of his life at the age of 81, not wishing to keep anyone waiting, leaving even his daily ablutions to meet visitors, working day in and day out, pouring his heart and soul into all who came to see him.Rahe phoolaa phalaa yaa Rab ye chaman meri ummeedon kaaMay this garden of my hopes remain in full bloom,