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Shri Nathji always tells his devotees to strengthen the faith of those devotees who are faltering on the path:“Agar ek deepak bujh rahaa ho, doosre deepakon ko usse bujhne naheen denaa chahiye, balki jalaanaa chahiye!“If one deepak-lamp is about to die out, the other deepaks must not allow it to be extinguished, but rather, must light it!”As Shri Nathji and Priya Nath walk in the lawn they discuss the attitude of such faltering devotees, and Shri Nathji says sternly:“Jaayen jaaten hain to! Aur aa jaayenge!” “Let them go it they want to! Others will come!”Shri Nathji was never interested in collecting hordes of followers. Even one genuine devotee meant more to him than multitudes. Shri Nathji also adds:“Hamen logon par “We must not depend upon people. We must depend only upon God.”Shri Nathji had once said to Priya Nath: “Jo satya ko chhorregaa vo asatya ke paas hee to jaayegaa! Aur kahaan jaayegaa? Mujhe kissee ki zaroorat naheen–main apne aanand ko akelaa hee le saktaa hoon!“He who leaves truth must go to untruth. Where else can he go? I do not need anyone! I can partake of my bliss all by myself!”Shri Nathji continues:“Aazaadi barbaadi hai–bachhe ke haath men knife naheen dete. Paabandi achchee hai!“Freedom can be destructive–one does not give a knife in the hand of a child. Restrictions can be good.”