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The fascinating lectures to the Kapahis, Tandons and the home group continue undiminished. “Kissee ne poochhaa ke Bhagwan sazaa kyon naheen detaa inko moortiyaan torrne ki? “Someone asked me why God did not punish those who broke the idols?“But God looks at the intention involved. “Jinhone moortiyon ko torraa–patthhar samaj ke torraa ya moorti samajhkar?“Those who broke the idols–did they do so thinking of them as simply stones, or images of God?” “Agar patthar samjhaa thhaa to kyaa paap kiyaa?“If they thought of them as stone, then there was no sin committed.“Paap to vo kartaa jo moorti ko moorti samajhkar torrtaa–usse fauran sazaa mil jaati–doosron ko der men milegee.“They would have sinned if they had thought of the idols as images of God, and then broken them–they would have been punished by God immediately. Retribution will come to the others in its own time.”In a spirited moment, Shri Nathji said to the devotees: “Bhagwaan do naheen hote. Aapne mujhe maanaa hai to puraani cheez ko hee maanaa hai–nayi ko naheen“There cannot be two Gods. If you have accepted me, you have not accepted anything new. It is the same Being that always existed.”