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Shri Nathji had this to say about the foreign nations who were outwardly prosperous:“Un logon ke pass ye cheez naheen hain. Yahaan ki gareebi men “They do not have what India possesses. In the poverty of this land there is the spirit of adjustment. When the people in the West do not get the material things they desire, they commit suicide. They lack the patience and spirit of endurance which exists here.”Priya Nath recollected how Shri Nathji had once said to the American, Mr. Banjamin Mandel, who had met him in New York in 1964 and had later come to visit him at his home at Delhi in 1970 for a week:“You are right, there is a lot of suffering in India. But suffering is of two kinds–mental and physical. Many poor people are content with their states and even their children are seen laughing and running around in their rags. “IN MY OPINION THERE ARE MORE PEOPLE IN THE WORLD WHO DIE FROM EATING THAN THOSE WHO DIE FROM STARVATION.”He also said: