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Priya Nath makes Shri Nathji laugh. He tells Shri Nathji that his nature of forgiving sinners could lead to the suppression of the good.“Lord Krishna had said in the Geeta: ‘Paritraanaayaa dushkritaam vinaashaaya cha saadhunaamShri Nathji laughs heartily at Priya Nath’s interpretations and then assures Priya Nath that the wicked are not set free. “There is no need to punish the evil-doers because they are punished by the result of their own actions. The stone that they hurl upwards in the sky falls back upon them.”And Shri Nathji quotes his oft-repeated verse in English:“You must reap what you sow, they say,There was also Shri Nathji’s Persian Verse on the theme:Az mafaakaate amal ghaafil mashauBe not ignorant of the Laws of Cause and Effect,Then again Shri Nathji frequently narrated the fate of the wicked in the Persian Verse:“Dauraane bakaa choon baade saiharaa biguzahsht,The time of life passed away like the wind over a jungle,Shri Nathji goes on to say: