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Shri Nathji continues to lose weight and to become weaker and weaker. His stomach is heavy with gas and indigestion from Khanna’s home-made food. Khanna is in the habit of bringing potatoes and chappaatis. Priya Nath feels that the chappaatis are too thick, but Shri Nathji does not wish to complain and eats the food in silence. “Mainne gunaahon ko itnaa maaf kiyaa ke log aur gunaah karne lage!“I forgave so many sins that people resorted to greater sins!”Shri Nathji frequently quotes Kastoorilal’s Bhajan on him:“Iss kadar Bhole hain mere Bhole NathMy Bhole Nath is so innocent Shri Nathji would quote Babaji on this theme and say:“Babaji kahaa karte thhe ke “Shri Babaji would say that it is the voice of a devotee: ‘Thy kindness has made me turn impertinent!’”Shri Nathji also says somewhat angrily:“Bhagwan kaa mazaak mat banaaoo! Apnaa faltoo “Do not make a joke out of God so that you set aside only valueless time for him!”He would tell the devotees who were on the verge of disaffection:“Aapkaa girnaa hamaaraa girnaa hai