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Shri Nathji speaks of Indra, the king of the angels, and Virochan the king of the asuras-demons, both of whom go to Prajapati the Creator, and beg him to teach them of divine secrets. “Mujh se barraa aur koyi naheen!“There is no one greater then me,Later that night Shri Nathji laughs good humouredly as Priya Nath tells him jokingly that his edicts and pronouncements are hard to understand, as they go beyond everyone’s head–and that he should lecture at a lower level, and give duties and commandments to his devotees instead!“Huzoor, hamen to ek baras lag jaataa hai logon ko seedhaa karte–aur aap paanch minute men apne pyaar se usse bigaarr dete hain!“Huzoor, it takes us a year to discipline people, –and you spoil them with your love, in five minutes!”