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There is the sudden arrival of Chief Justice Shri M.N. Shukla of the Allahabad High Court for Shri Nathji’s darshan. He has come all the way from Alahabad especially, to thank Shri Nathji for his blessings, which have made him Chief Justice. “There is no book in the world to compare with it. The book is a revelation.”Priya Nath gives him five more copies of the book for his friends.“Unhen khyaal aayaa meri“He thought to himself: ‘I have received a promotion due to his blessings. Merely writing a letter of thanks is not enough. I must go personally to take his darshan and to thank him!’ And it was especially for that purpose that he came to Delhi.”Shri Nathji’s words ring out in the night satsang to the home group:“Agar aasuri bal hai to daivi bal bhee to hai! Bhakt ko koyi aisee cheez naheen karni chahiye jis se doosre bhakton par buraa asar parre. “If there is the Power of Evil, then there is also the Power of God. A devotee must never do anything that sets a bad example for other devotees.”Shri Nathji’s satsangs continue with newer and newer pronouncements. Shri Nathji speaks of the conversion of Shri Bhutt and how he had said to Shri Nathji:“Ab tak to aap toofaan aur kishti ke khavayyiyaa ko alag samajhte rahe–magar ab inn donon ko ek hee samjho!“Up to now you had been thinking of the storm and the pilot of your boat as two separate entities–but from now on, think of the two of them as being ONE!”