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That night Shri Nathji and Priya Nath have an early dinner for the first time in months–at 11 p.m. They usually ate at 1 a.m. or so in the night. Priya Nath embraces Shri Nathji frequently and kisses him on his back and shoulders while giving him his green woollen achkan to wear. This particular green achkan made by Abbul Hasan of Mussoorie makes Shri Nathji look exceptionally young and strong. It is of a thick woollen cloth with green and pale yellow stripes, with an over-all green hue.“Nathji ainne vadde hokar vee dandiyaan villak ke gal kar den!The cold days become worse, but Shri Nathji is up every morning to bless Priya Nath, even as he walks over to Priya Nath’s bed in his socks and pats him on the head with the words:“May you, I, and Pran, live long!”Priya Nath reaches down from his bed with his right hand to touch Shri Nathji’s feet on these occasions in the morning.