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Word comes to Priya Nath through Mangla that Veeran Devi is taking only liquid food, and Priya Nath relays the information to Shri Nathji. “Baansuri thhakti hai?Shri Nathji’s verse echoes in Priya Nath’s mind:“Zindagi kaa saaz bhee kyaa saaz hai“What a strange instrument is this instrument of Life,Shri Nathji’s tireless sermons continue to the group of Kapahis, Tandons and Urhekars at night, where he warns the devotees of human frailties time and again which hamper their progress on the spiritual path:“Main aapko kinaare par pahunchaa rahaa hoon aur aap jahaaz ko rok rahe hain–jald- baazi se aur zyaada der kar rahe hain!“I am trying to take you to the shore, but you are preventing me from doing so by your impatience! You are retarding your own progress by your impatience!”There was even a time when Shri Nathji had said with some dejection at the attitude of the devotees:“Main to aapko Bhav Saagar se paar karne aayaa thaa, magar aapko agar Bhav Saagar hee pasand hai, to main bhee kyaa kar saktaa hoon!“I had come to take you across the