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On one satsang, Anil Tandon sings ardently while his brother Avinash Tandon accompanies him on a clay pot – a matkaa. Shri Nathji is greatly amused at the musical concert. “A matkaa player got so carried away by the frenzy of his own rhythm and the spiritual ecstasy that had come into him in front of Shri Babaji, that he suddenly got up in the midst of the gathering and flung the matkaa out of the window from the second floor!”Both Shri Nathji and Priya Nath laugh together for a long time as they picture the scene, wondering whether the matkaa hit anyone on the road below the house!“Aaj kal barre naye“Nowadays a host of new ideas keep coming to me!”Priya Nath wants to dedicate himself to collecting all of Shri Nathji’s works in Urdu and Persian–the favourite language of Shri Nathji, so rich with emotion and spiritual bliss. Priya Nath rues the day he was sent to Convent Schools and had concentrated on English and Science. However Shri Nathji says to him: