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Later at night, Shri Nathji tries on the freshly dry-cleaned achkan from which spots of spurious mothballs–phenyl ki goliyaan–have been removed. Many of Shri Nathji’s clothes were stained by such spurious mothballs in his steel almirah. It was thus that Shri Nathji and Priya Nath had a taste of the adulteration in the country.“Jab aap log praate kaal apne gharon men soye hue hote hain, main aapke gharon men aakar, Bhagwan ko aap men dekhkar, aapke paanv chhoo aataa hoon! Jab aap mere saamne aakar pranaam karte hain, aap samajhte hain ke savaal kar rahe hain, aur main samajhtaa hoon ke javaab de rahe hain!“Every morning, when you are asleep in your beds, I come into your homes and salute the divinity within you by touching your feet. When you come and touch my feet, you think it is a greeting, but I think it is a reply!”