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In yet another powerful sermon that night Shri Nathji says with great power:“Jo“Only those devotees who are genuine can gain peace and prosperity. Those who are not genuine shall not get peace and properity.”He had also stated earlier:“Yahaan agar Bhagwan naheen to kaheen naheen! Aur agar hai to usse baahare nikaal denaa chaahiye!“If there is no God here then there is no God anywhere else! And if anyone purports to be so, then he must be asked to leave!”Indeed, what Shri Nathji meant was that if there was some other God, then he ought to have come forth by then, and not concealed himself for so many years. Aamad saihare nidaa za maikhaanaye maaEarly in the morning, a voice came into my tavern,It was a verse of the Persian poet, Omar Khayyam, which only Shri Nathji could interpret and explain. He was the Eternal Saki upon earth in human form, and this was his voice calling out to humanity to come and drink of his wine of immortality before he left the world. It was sad in its connotation for Priya Nath.