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The weather is becoming colder. Priya Nath and Shri Nathji resume their walk in the lawn outside. Shri Nathji is in his grey achkan and a large orange turban, which makes his face appear thin. To make matters worse the achkan is smeared with patches of food, where Shri Nathji had dropped pieces of his lunch. “Hamen bhee bachhon ki tarah khaanaa giraane ki aadat parr gayi hai!Later, Priya Nath has “bibs” made–like the bibs that children wore, and which were really napkins that Shri Nathji could put around his neck, and wear over his chest. Priya Nath had to put the ‘bib’ around Shri Nathji’s neck at every meal as if he were garlanding him. “Priyaji mujhe bilkul bachhon ki tarah samhaalte hainAfter Shri Nathji had left the world, the little patches on Shri Nathji’s sweaters or achkans, where food particles had been dropped by Shri Nathji, would ever remind Priya Nath of his days with Shri Nathji, and he would be glad that he had not got the clothes dry-cleaned.