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The next day again his sermon is powerful, and fantastic. He talks at the top of his voice–the thrill touches the core of every soul. “Nathji, Khannaji ne jaate samai mujhe kahaa thhaa: ‘Jaano maine zindagi men jitnaa pyaar Nathji ko kiyaa hai vo kissee ko naheen kiyaa!’”“Nathji, when Khannaji was leaving the world he said to me: ‘Jaano, I have not loved anyone in my entire life as much as I have loved Nathji!’”Shri Nathji had in the past narrated how R.R. Khanna had once taken Shri Nathji and Mateshwari to a room in his house at Lucknow and had opened a trunk there. He had opened the trunk and taken out old shirts and clothes of Shri Nathji, which Shri Nathji had left behind in Khanna’s house in Lucknow, when he had been there in the 1930’s. Khanna had carefully preserved them, and said to Mateshwari:“Ye meri aglee zindagi kaa“This is my passport to the next world!”Shri Nathji also told the story of Vishnu Bhagwan who offered one thousand flowers of worship to Lord Shanker every day. One day he had with himself only nine hundred and ninety nine flowers–kamal ke phool–the lotus flowers.