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Dr. R.B. Chavan, who is a professor of textile engineering at the I.I.T, New Delhi, arrives from London and narrates his meeting with Pran Nath in London, and tells Shri Nathji how brave and intelligent and humble Pran Nath is, and how civilized and polite. And most of all, he is the living epitome of knowledge. A human compendium of all the subjects under the sun–on each of which Pran Nath can speak at length like an expert, so vast is his knowledge. Shri Nathji would often say in Hindi:“Iss mere man men ik kaasht ke aare ke samaan chaaron Ved – Rig Ved, Saam Ved, Atharva Ved, Yajur Ved, samaaye hain. Jab Bhagwan sarvatr hain to unkaa gyaan bhee sarvatr hogaa!“In this heart of mine, like the spokes of a wheel, reside the four Vedas–Rig Ved, Saam Ved, Atharva Ved, Yajur Ved.“But it is revealed only in the Pure Heart, where God manifests himself as Knowledge.