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Shri Nathji dictates a telegram to Priya Nath to be sent to Pran Nath on his coming birthday on the 22nd of February 1983. “Blessings and Many Happy Returns of the DayShri Nathji celebrates Pran Nath’s birthday as usual. He is dressed in the brown achkan made by Vedi Tailors of Delhi, and a yellow turban, and looks weak, but his voice carries the same fascinating magic and power that it always carried. ““This month of February brings a Message of a new life to all.”Shri Nathji speaks of Pran Nath’s bravery before Englishmen in England. When Pran Nath criticised the English while living in London, an Englishman said to him: “No matter how great a devotee may become, he can never become like Pran Nath and Priya Nath–because they are my direct blood! “No matter how great Hanumana and Sugriva were, they bowed before the sons of Lord Rama- Lav and Kush! “Only a lion’s cub will grow up to be a lion. You cannot expect a lamb to give birth to a lion! “I am fully confident that Pran Nath and Priya Nath will carry the banner of my mission to the world, the mission that is Babaji’s mission. I am confident they will not fall a prey to the temptations of the world, because they have my inner light within them.”“Aaj Pranji ke janam din par adhik kripaa batti hai!“On Pranji’s birthday the shower of Divine Grace has been greater than usual!”Priya Nath was always the first to receive this special grace as he was in Shri Nathji’s bedroom all the time, and the first one in the morning to behold him and to listen to his voice and to receive his divine embrace on the 22nd of February: “Many happy returns on the birthday of your brother, Pranji. May both of you live long, happily, healthily peacefully and prosperously in this world, and bring great honour to the name of your father and to Babaji!”Pran Nath had sent a special “barrister’s bow tie” to Priya Nath which Priya Nath wore on Pran Nath’s birthday in Delhi.