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The one great depression remains in Priya Nath’s mind that Shri Nathji has not manifested Himself fully before the whole world. That he had so effaced himself and so hidden himself that the world was by and large unaware of his presence in their midst. This is the one thought in Priya Nath’s mind that torments him day and night. How he wishes that the entire world come to know of Shri Nathji in their midst.“Ab pragat karne kaa vakt aa gayaa hai!”“The time has come for a revelation!”Perhaps the prayers of Priya Nath were to be heard soon, and Shri Nathji was to manifest himself to the people of the world, and to accomplish that which he had come to accomplish in the world.“Ye cheezen bhee zaroori hain sunaaneen, jab sambandh diyaa hai!“It was necessary for you to relate all these things to me, because I have given you a relationship with myself!”