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In one of the satsangs Shri Nathji tells the story of the handsome prophet, Yusuf. It was said that two thirds of the beauty in the world had been conferred upon him by God and the remaining one third was given to the world. “Taake meraa naam to khareed daaron men likhaa haaye!”Such indeed should be a man’s desire for God, with whatever little virtue that he may possess.“Ye mat samjho main moorkh hoon, paanch aadmiyon ko bitthaakar bol rahaa hoon. Main saare vishva ko “Do not think that I am mindless–speaking to only five persons sitting before me! I am broadcasting to the whole world–you people are my broadcasting stations!”“The Geeta, too, was made known to the world through the one recipient of Lord Krishna’s words–Arjuna.”Shri Nathji is looking incredibly funny to Priya Nath in his brown sweater and a brown muffler wrapped around his head. He has on a small orange turban with stripes, and his face looks very red after the sermon.