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Shri Nathji is also fond of narrating the story of the atheist and scientist, R.R.Khanna, the Registrar of the Lucknow University, who had at first refused to even come and see Shri Nathji, but the moment he came before him and Shri Nathji began speaking to him, tears began streaming from Khanna’s eyes and he was lost in Shri Nathji, forever, and declared before the public:“Yehi Rama thhe, yehi Krishna thhe, yehi Nanak thhe, yehi Muhammad thhe, yehi Christ thhe – yehi duniyaan ke peer paighambar avatar thhe! Yehi Saakshaat Bhagwan hain!“He was Rama, he was Krishna, he was Nanak, he was Muhammad, he was Christ, he was all the prophets and saviors that came into the world. He is God Incarnate, Himself.”Shri Nathji added, as he finished narrating these events:“Kitnaa bhee buraa aadmi kyon na ho, kabhee na kabhee to usski aatmaa men pashchaataap aataa hai!”“No matter how bad a person may be, there comes a time in his life when repentance enters his heart!”