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The evening satsang has Shri Nathji speaking about the sacrifices that Priya Nath has made for his sake, his achievement in writing the “Advent of the Avatar”, his efforts to let the world know about him.“Dukh sukh ke liye thhorri Bhagwan ko chhorrnaa hai! Unhen to unheen ke liye chaahnaa hai!“One must not leave God for the sake of suffering or happiness. One must desire God for the sake of God alone!”There is the beautiful ghazal of Shri Nathji which Priya Nath plays later at night, and which has been given a lilting tune by him:“Ab raat phir kahaan hai, jab aaftaab aayaaWhere, indeed, is the night when the sun has come out,Shri Priya Nath also plays Shri Nathji’s profound ghazal:“Ai kaash mere dil ko saaraa jahaan samajhtaa“Alas, that the world could understand my heart,