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Priya Nath helps Shri Nathji change into his shining navy blue velvet –schneel– achkan, which is indeed his favourite achkan. Priya Nath also places a cardboard and tinsel mukat on Shri Nathji’s head, which shines brilliantly as if embedded by pearls. Shri Nathji is looking truly glorious. He is in his own element, in the dress that Mrs. Gangabai Bhutt had envisioned, in his forms as Lord Rama and Lord Krishna, who wore mukats in the ages past. “Main aapke saamne hazaaron parde paihan kar aataa hoon–agar ek bhee pardaa sarak jaaye to aap apne hosh men naheen rahenge!“I appear before you from behind thousands of veils. If even one of the veils were to slip you would lose all consciousness of yourselves!”There was Shri Nathji’s verse that described the situation on the 27th of November 1983:“Nashaa pilaake giraanaa to sab ko aataa hai“Anyone can give to drink and make a person fallThe devotees are awed beyond measure. It is as if Heaven, nay the Lord of the Heavens, has come down upon earth in the Majesty of His Divine Glory as The Emperor of the Universe.Bhola Nath Bhakt hitkaari,Bhola Nath, the preserver of the Devotees,The Jinpe kripaa naa hove tumhaariIf Thou dost not shower Thy Grace on anyone,The devotees lower their eyes as they cannot bear to look upon the divine effulgence of Shri Nathji. He speaks for about twenty minutes in the fulness of his power and explains the significance of the ““Main koyi naatak ke kaprre naheen paihan kar aayaa! The photographer, Khan, does a magnificent job as he focuses on Shri Nathji’s Divine figure.