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And, finally, there is Shri Nathji in an Arab dress, looking like a Prophet from Arabia. All of a sudden, the pink glow vanishes from his face, the white colour of the westerner disappears, and his face appears to become sun-burnt from the sands of the desert. “Sooye manzil chalaa jaataa hai dilkaa meraa kaarvaan “The caravan of my heart goes towards its destination, Shri Nathji speaks to the devotees in chaste Arabic, quoting from the Koran, and speaks in his favourite languages, Urdu and Persian. He recites the twelve commandments–“Kahaa jaataa hai Khudaa Raihmaan aur Raheem hai, magar vo kahaar aur jabbaar bhee hai. Jab vo insaan ko gunaahon se paak kartaa hai usse sakhti se kaam lenaa parrtaa hai, vo bhee insaan ki behtari ke liye.”“It is said that God is Merciful and Kind. Yet He can be harsh too. When He purges away a man’s sins He must use harshness–but that is also for the betterment of man.”Shri Nathji quotes a verse he had frequently used before, which is the voice of God:“Khaaham ke too paak shavi az jurm “I had wished to cleanse thee of sin,Shri Nathji also says that it is written in the Koran that God belongs to the whole world and is sovereign over all:“Rabbul Aalmeen”Shri Nathji narrates how Hazrat Muhammad had once been asked what was the most precious thing to be attained in life and he had said:“Imaan!Shri Nathji had often said in the past:“The word Musalmaan means And then Shri Nathji quotes from the Hadees, the writings about Prophet Muhammad, where it had been written that one day Prophet Muhammad had said: “Bani aadam aazaaye yak deegarand“Man is but a part of man,“Hindu Muslim unity is ever present. It is only when we ask, ‘How can unity be forged?’ that we bring about a separation!”“Ye mat samjho ke main koyi bahuroopiya hoon,Do not think I am one who appears in many guises.”The Urdu lecture continues for a long time, because there was still some more film left in the camera.“YE SAB MAZAAK NAHEEN HAI,“All this was not just for amusement;