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As the month of September 1983 dawns upon Shri Nathji, Priya Nath has his apprehensions about the month, which had proved unlucky in past years. Gulshan men aaj aisee koyi navaa naheen haiThere is no sound in the garden today,Khanna is still bringing the afternoon meals as Sudha has not recovered sufficiently to cook all the time. This is Shri Nathji’s way of blessing Khanna, who is in fact feeding the Creator of the World. Shri Nathji’s grace goes out towards Khanna. His appetite improves and generally Shri Nathji looks better and better as the days progress and is seen walking around in the house, doing his daily hundred rounds, and writing ghazals as assiduously as ever. Shri Nathji also feels immensely hungry at times.“Bhook kaa lagnaa to“A good appetite is the sign of good health!”