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Upon returning home, Shri Nathji stands at the gate of the house and delivers a long sermon to Shri Urhekar and Gajanan who are waiting there to receive him.“Man does not realise the futility of his existence upon earth when he forgets his real goal.“He is neither like a tree which gives shade to others, nor like the fruits that fall from it, nor indeed of any use of anyone. “He is a burden upon this earth when he lives selfishly entirely for his own sake. He is a burden upon the very earth which sustains him. “All of creation–the sun, the moon, the rains, the air and the waters–sustain man’s existence upon earth and man uses this sustenance to oppose God by inflicting pain and sorrow upon others. “When alive, man is a burden on everyone, and when he dies he must be carried away on the shoulders of his relatives, again a burden.“Thousands come into this world and go away, their existence being no better than that of animals, insects, and worms, which similarly come into this world and go away without fulfilling any purpose in life! “Only that life has any meaning which is sacrificed for the sake of God. The life of Love, Faith and Service. “However it is not easy to walk on this path. The wick of the deepak-candle wishes to give light to others, but it has to bear the pain of fire itself. “I remember how Bhutt Sahib used to say to me: ‘Prabhuji aap apne oopar vo kasht jhelte hain jo saadhaaran purushon ke liye asaihan ho jaate hain! ‘Prabhuji, you expose yourself to such sufferings which would be unendurable for ordinary human beings!’”As Shri Nathji concludes his sermon at the gate, he adds:“Man shall not live by bread alone but by every Word that cometh out of the mouth of God!”Shri Nathji continues writing ghazals with great intensity as the days pass by, as if it were the most important thing in the world.