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Shri Nathji is writing ghazals assiduously, more than ever before. Now that the distractions of the litigation are over, his revelations are pouring forth with greater and greater frequency and greater and greater power.Hazrate shud meharbaanThe Lord is Merciful, Fazle shud baare digarHis Grace comes upon us again,Aajizaan raa mushfakiThou art the Protector of the helpless,Raiham kun bar aajizaanBe Thou merciful on those in sorrow,Priya Nath later composes a befitting tune to the ghazal, sung on the lines of Raag Bhairavai, and Shri Nathji is greatly delighted to see Shri Babaji’s verse put to song at last. “Fikr har kas bakadre himmat ost”“Every person worries in accordance with the state of his own courage.”