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During the days that Sudha is ill, Shri Nathji very dutifully examines the bolts on the doors of the house at night, as Sudha used to do, to make sure that all are locked from within. “Priyaji gas band kar dee hai? Main check kar loon?”“Priyaji have you shut off the gas? Shall I go and check?”In turns out that so absorbed is Priya Nath in the thought of Shri Nathji that he frequently forgets to shut off the gas in the kitchen. At times he even leaves pots of water to boil over in the kitchen while he returns to Shri Nathji’s bedroom and falls asleep in bed–and is awakened only by Shri Nathji who smells the burning metal from the kitchen.““Piyaji! Is everything all right? Has anything fallen? I hope you are not hurt! Come back to the room. I am not hungry, we will wait till tomorrow. Leave the kitchen at once!”As a matter of fact Shri Nathji would be very concerned about anyone dropping anything in the kitchen–even if it were Sudha, and would instantly call out: “Sab thheek to hai?