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It is one of the most fascinating sights in the world to see Shri Nathji dressed in a western suit, with a neck-tie, and a black felt hat, and dark German Sunglasses, looking more Western than any westerner.“Vaise to main ek paihalvaan ko bhee giraa saktaa hoon! But Priya Nath knew that despite Shri Nathji’s encouraging remarks he was very fragile and soft, softer than a flower. He had often said:“Main katthor to itnaa hoon ke vajr se bhee zyaadaa, aur komal itnaa hoon ke phool se bhee zyaadaa.“I am harder than a rock and softer than a flower!“If any troubles come upon me, I am like a rock and do not care for them, but if any troubles come upon my devotees I am like a flower–I cannot bear them and must remove them!”Shri Nathji would always ask Priya Nath to to eat well and to put on weight.“Shareer “If the body is strong people are held in awe.”Shri Nathji was right. It was common experience to see the frail and the weak bullied by the powerful. Both Pran Nath and Priya Nath had experienced this in school in Mussoorie, when they were very thin and thus the target of school bullies. They had experienced this in the outside world as well, where people would pick on those physically weak.