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Shri Nathji always loved these modern suits and bow ties and often said:“Khoob achhe kaprre paihanne chahiyen.“You must wear very good clothes. After all, you are not ascetics!”Shri Nathji would always be telling Priya Nath to keep the collar of his coat buttoned at the neck as it made him look smart. He would always ask him to get his coat dry-cleaned and to put on another, if not for his sake, than for the sake of Shri Nathji.“Piyaji kyaa mailaa saa “Piyaji, what an untidy coat you are wearing! Isn’t there another coat that you may wear? The clothes one wears must be such as to appeal to others as well. It makes me feel good to see you in good clothes, just like it makes you happy to see me in good clothes.”“Jo baahar ki safaayi naheen jaantaa vo andar ki safaayi kyaa jaanegaa.“He who does not observe cleanliness outwardly cannot maintain an inner cleanliness!”