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As the microphone is placed before Shri Nathji a thrill runs through the hall. At last they are to hear His Voice. He seems to be above words, thoughts, beyond ordinary perception, limitless. And here he is, actually going to speak to them.“MERAA AAKHRI SAANS AAPKI KHIDMAT MEN NIKLE!”“I WANT THE LAST BREATH OF MY LIFE TO BE SPENT IN YOUR SERVICE!”There is also the powerful edict by Shri Nathji: “NO ONE CAN KEEP HIS BODY FOREVER, AND NO POWER ON EARTH CAN DESTROY THE SOUL!”“Main ne aapkaa barraa time liyaa–mujhe maaf karnaa!”“I took a lot of your time–please forgive me!”And then there is a rush on to the stage as people lose control over themselves and come to touch Shri Nathji’s feet.