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Comes New Year’s Eve and Shri Nathji sits in preparedness for 1983. He asks Priya Nath to find out the exact time from the telephone number 174 and adjusts his watch, as, indeed, the other watches in his room, and asks Priya Nath also to adjust his watch.“Jai, jai, jai, jai, Bhola Nath BhagwanAnd then there is Priya Nath playing “Old Lang Zyne” and Shri Nathji explaining to Sudha once again that this tune is played all over the world on New Year’s Day.And then comes the grandest sight in the world:SHRI NATHJI GETS UP AND DANCES AROUND IN THE ROOM even as Priya Nath’s ghazals ring out with the words of Shri Nathji’s ghazals: “Shri Nathji’s dance is a Divine Dance that sends waves of Divine Bliss all over the Universe, into each and every particle of the Universe–it is the dance of the Creator dancing with joy at the coming of another year in His creation. “YE LAIHAR KABHI KABHI AATI HAI!“THIS WAVE COMES ONLY ONCE IN A WHILE!”Shri Nathji reminisces over the past year 1982, and says:“1982“1982 was good!