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Shri Nathji had this uncanny knowledge about foods, and used to narrate what Babaji would say in the early 1920’s, when nothing was known about blood cholesterol and heart trouble:“Betaa ye muraggan cheezen acchhi naheen hoti hain!”“Son, these fatty substances–like ghee and butter–are not good for the human body!”It was only several years later that medical science was to discover that such fats were the main cause of heart trouble in the world.“Babaji aakhri vakt tak bhee apne saare kaam apne haathhon se karte thhe!”“Babaji, did everything with his own hands right up to the last days of his life.”It was a fact that Shri Babaji Maharaj had never ventured out of his room for almost thirty two years at a stretch. However this had not affected his health. He was as healthy as the healthiest of persons, and he never fell ill, except but once at Hardwar, and finally, years later, the last time, when he left the world.“Babaji doctoron ko apne paas naheen aane dete thhe!“Babaji would not allow doctors to come near him!”Shri Babaji had said to the last doctor that attended upon him: “Kyaa too daave se kaih saktaa hai ke mujhe thheek jar degaa?“Can you say with certainty that you can cure me?”Shri Nathji, too, was reluctant to call doctors, but Priya Nath would insist that they be called for the protection of his divine body.