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The next day, just as Priya Nath was taking the devotees to task for their faltering faith, Shri Nathji interposes to say:“YE PRIYA NATHJI BARRI MAHAAN SHAKTI HAIN!“Priya Nathji is a very great power!”He also tells the devotees to accept Priya Nathji’s admonishments as they contain only love for them. And Shri Nathji recites his favourite verse:“Gussaa teraa davaa hai raihmat teri gizaa hai,Thy anger is our medicine, Thy mercy our nourishment,And then to enliven the atmosphere, Priya Nath plays Shri Nathji’s ghazal:Main phir aavaaz detaa hoon jahaan ke gaane vaalon koI call out again to the singers of the world,Priya Nath had found it necessary to be firm with the Urhekars who had been bordering on disaffection, and this had created a furore in the house, which Shri Nathji quelled with his balm of soothing words.“Ramji ke kissee bhee bhakt ne dhokaa naheen diyaa thhaa!“No devotee of Rama ever betrayed him!”But this was the Kaliyuga where the forces of evil were residing within every heart and even swaying the sincerest of devotees.