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There is the surprise visit of Shri Sohan lal Khosla, one of the oldest living devotees of Shri Nathji. “Sohan Lalji ne meraa vo roop dekhaa hai jo kissee ne naheen dekhaa. Jab ye Lahore men thhe to inhen“Sohan Lalji has seen that form of mine which no one else has seen. When he was at Lahore he had seen a vision that there was a large hall in which all the saints, sages and prophets of the world were gathered together – and seated on a throne was his NATH.” Sohan Lal had narrated this vision before Shri Nathji and the devotees at Lahore in 1935. As a matter of fact when he had narrated this vision to his young teen-aged son, Shri R.K. Khosla, his son had said with surprise:“Bas main bhi vohi maangtaa hoon aur kuchh naheen“That is all I ask for, and nothing else.“Main jab bahut beemar ho gayaa thhaa to aapse meri praarthnaa thhi ki marte vakt sirf aap hi saamne aayen“When I had become very ill I had prayed to Thee, that at the moment of Death only Thou should be before me.”Sohan Lal’s daughter-in-law narrates how Mahamateshwari had blessed them years ago, when her husband was a mere struggling scientist:“Aaj Prabhuji kaa janam divas hai, “Today is the birthday of our Prabhuji, Sohan Lalji had been referring to Shri Nathji as Lord Shanker and had dedicated the song and dance to him. “Aaj Bhagwaan Bhagwaan men mil gaye!“Today God has merged into God!”Shri R.K. Khosla also narrated how he had been amongst the fortunate few to have been present in the wedding procession, baraat, of Shri Nathji, as also in the wedding procession of Prem Nath, the younger brother of Shri Nathji–and how he had accompanied Shri Nathji to Kapurthala State at the wedding of Prem Nath and been feted at the Palace of the Maharaja there, which was used to accommodate the ‘baraat’ of Prem Nath, in which Shri Nathji and Babaji Maharaj were also present. “Betaa aur logon ke shareer men to aatmaa hoti hai, magar Shri Nathji ke shareer men to Paramaatmaa hain!“Son, the bodies of ordinary mortals contain their souls, but Shri Nathji’s body contains the Universal Soul–God!”“The body of Shri Nathji is not an ordinary body. It is the body of God.”“Priya Nathji mujhe haath pakarr kar chalaate hain bacchon ki tarah!” “He holds me by the hand like walking with a child!”